Client: retired widow, very enthusiastic, loves gardening

Hobbies: Gardening and grandchildren

Garden: front garden, steeply sloping with awful offroad access

House: painted concrete bungalow

Design: To create much better off road access, and link to new front garden layout whilst uniting in style with a cemetary across the road


A very dull, traditional lawn and fence arrangement, all retained by a one meter high wall that divided the garden from a busy main road. The driveway was steep with one direction off and on system-hopeless for a retired granny.

The New Look

The new garden was to appear to glide seemlessly with the cemetory across the road. Navigation need to be safe for old and young and the material choice needed to look weathered and cloister like.The driveway need rearranging.

The New Driveway

Recycled slabs and building materials were crafted to recreate a medi-evil style cloister. Stone art, motifs and finials were integrated randomly with bespoke wrought iron railings and gothic arches.