About Grassroots Landscaping

Grassroots Landscaping was formed by Lester Manners in 2001, bringing together his love for art and the 'great British countryside'.

As an organic farmer for over 20 years, Lester has worked and been inspired by tending his own flower-rich water meadows, which are enclosed in dense fruitful hedgerows and surrounded by buildings constructed from rustic brick and stone.

It is this 'natural look' that forms the cornerstone of each of Grassroots's garden designs, namely: creating an inviting environment that is truly something to treasure.

With this passion - and Lester's qualification in Garden Design from Lackham College of Agriculture in Lacock - Grassroots has gone onto design and build a number of beautifully crafted open spaces, ranging from the traditional classic patio and bordered lawn to contemporary suburban gardens where space is at a premium.

As well as producing fantastic gardens, orchards, ponds and school play areas, we are specialists at other land management tasks such as hedge laying, field drainage, woodland management and dry stone walling.

Please see our 'Examples' section for examples of our gardens, drystone walls, hedges and ponds

Lester's love of the countryside's colour, shape and form has a major baring on the style that he will adopt within your garden. Vistas of the outer landscapes will be focused into your garden making yours feel part of the outer environment. Such a technique will increase the illusion of size and will create the extra feelings of contemplation and romance.

Building gardens isn't just about patios, plants and water features. The way that your garden uses light is hugely important. Shadows, dappled light, rays of sunlight, mist, rain all have vital roles to play within your private space.

Gardens aren't simply for sunny days. Spring is emotionally very affecting, summer traditionally evocative. Autumn is reflective and winter can be dazzling. At Grassroots, we will try to deliver you treats for the year round.